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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very fantastic.

im not going to go in to detail more then that its a very well "social study" ehh or critic, sorry im not native to english so.

but you managed to do somthing VERY few managed to do, sure its easy to complain and make animations of critic to the shallowness of sociity.

its an entierly diffrent thing doing it origonally.

I love the fact that they are not english "Before they (turn in to batteris) " the voice acting is great, music spot on, and animation fantastic. and that its not all English sends an okay message that its ok to make fantastics pics like this that aint in english. (Futhermore it only futher sold the lyxurious, life) and its true, English today is very idolised.

this is going to sound silly but i like the fact you didnt cover up the nakedness. i think that sends a clear tone of vounrability.

Anyhow fantastic as said, keep up the good work,

As an actor, i can myself only say, that if id ever get to chance to work with you or someone like you, id be nothing less then honored.